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Written by Daniel Vanderpriem on Dec. 28, 2020
My Riley passed away at the age of 11 1/2 from Cancer. He was rescued from 29 Palms and had several medical issues which I address over the span of his life. He was lucky to get excellent surgery to fix broken fragments in his elbows, and polymer coatings on his teeth that came in without enamel. But he managed a life virtually pain free, I loved him regardless of his problems, and he wanted for nothing. I'm looking for another companion dog to fill the void.
Written by Rudolph Petris on Dec. 15, 2020
My wife and I recently lost our two Golden Retriever littermates within six weeks of one one other due to cancer.  Bonnie and Clyde crossed Rainbow Bridge just before they were 12 years of age.  We adopted them as puppies and they were never apart.  We have had Golden Retrievers for over 25 years and they have always been our first priority as we have no human children.

It has been just about three months since the second of the two has left us and we are so in need of another Golden to 1. warm our hearts and 2. Look to be warmed by us.  Can you please let us know if you have any Golden babies that are available, or soon to be available?  My wife and I provide the life of luxury to our furry kids and they never hurt for anything in life!

Thank you,
Dolph Petris
Written by Diane LaFayette on Jul. 23, 2020
Julia .... your many emails to help me find a Golden Retriever was soooo sweet. I hope to meet and maybe get a puppy if I am approved. I alsooooo have not had a reading in a long time ... a few years and would love to get a reading also !!
Written by Joseph Stachak on Jul. 16, 2020
Julia, you did a reading for me 1991. I would love for you to do another one. Please contact me. Joseph
Written by Gary Flaherty on Jun. 2, 2019
Julia, I found you! I have not worked with you in about 20 years but could certainly use a reading from you.
We met in NYC through Audrey Parker. I then moved to Toronto in Canada.
Please let me know how to connect for a reading. Tomorrow June 4 is my 64 birthday and I would really like a reading with you.

Your life looks wonderful. You deserve it. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Gary Flaherty. 416-670-5954
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Written by Doro Knoesel on Sep. 4, 2016
Dear Gael and Julia! Greetings from the old World - thinking of you and wishing you both all the best with your beautiful dogs and your patients as well, Gael! Saw you in a dream a few days ago and wanted to get in touch. Always on my mind....much love, Doro
Written by Bella Ranee on Jun. 29, 2016
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