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Written by sara stein on Jan. 14, 2016
I sent you a very heartfelt, personal message on facebook. Please, check it out. TIA.
Written by jeanne hardy on Apr. 4, 2015
hi Julia. been a long time since we spoke. you just came to mind and i was wondering how you and Gael were. it seems great! would love to talk to you.
ps hope you remember who I am!
Written by Anita Targan on Feb. 7, 2015
Julia I hope my name, Anita Targan is familiar to you athough it has been quite a while since we spoke. And I hope I have the right J,W. Very interested in speaking again with you.
Written by M. Müller on Dec. 30, 2014
I wish you all the best from chatting Berlin in Germany. Happy new Year!
Written by Robert Bindrup on Jan. 20, 2014
hey julia. just wondering if you remember a dog named boomer. This would have been in 1994 or so. he has past away.If you new him please contact me.He was a great dog.Plus I be interested in another dog from you if boomer was from this blood line
Written by Rose Cotton on Aug. 27, 2013
I love this site, the dogs are great!
Written by Parol on Feb. 19, 2013
Hi there i just came across to your blog and wow what a site! the layout was sparkling love it.
Written by Toni on May. 27, 2012
Dear Julia and Gael, Wow, what lovely photo's and beautiful dogs. I love your site.
Written by Robyn M Fritz on Jan. 25, 2012
Julia, back in touch after a long year. After our conversations, I thought you'd be interested in what's going on at our house.
Written by jakr on Jan. 4, 2012
Written by bridget de Socio on Sep. 30, 2011
Im here with Terry ((((waving))))) from NYC and we would love to meet you next ... POOCHCLUB basecamp... good food always fresh and ORGANIC.. for friends and best friends only !!! We LOVE dogs!

from Terry I and Bridget d S

Written by Erica on Jul. 25, 2011
Hi Julia. Not sure if you remeber me but I am Hamptons owner- he is doing great- my sister and her husband are looking for a golden and we were checking out your website, so much fun! Beautiful puppies- I hope when they are ready they can connect with you! Hope all is well. Erica & Warren
Written by Peggy Grangetto on Jul. 19, 2011
Hi, Julia ~

I was referred to you by Cindy Wood and would like to schedule an appointment. Please e-mail so we can set it up.

Thank you!
Written by Teresa Kubiak on Jun. 17, 2011
Hello Julia, Wow - your place looks amazing. Tried to call you, but I don't have your current number. Give me a hollar if you can. Contact me through my site. Thanks!
Written by oem-soft on May. 21, 2011
Thank you, this website is very helpful.